About the Film


We follow several subjects who try to maintain personal relationships across ideological divides while working through contentious topics. As a result, we learn about how ideology influences perspective, how moral intuitions develop, and how to bridge divides through conversation in meaningful ways.

Director’s Note

My name is Travis Brown, and I’ve been making films in Portland since 2010.

One of my primary passions is philosophy, and, as a skeptic and free-thinker, the majority of my personal work focuses on the ubiquitous problems of dogma, faith and credulity.

I, along with a small team, am making this film, When in Doubt, on the rising social and political polarization that plagues our time and what we can do about it.

Since leaving my religious faith behind, I have been increasingly interested in how religious and political ideology shape our view of reality, how ideology affects our conversations and what it does to relationships and society as a whole. I’m interested in finding ways to effectively discuss tough issues and doing so in a way that actually strengthens relationships rather than damages them.

Ideology encourages us to frame our understanding of the world in a way that is coherent with itself and not as accurately as humanly possible, thus leaving us with a distorted view of reality, of society and ourselves and negatively impacting the way in which we discuss important topics and pursue what we believe to be the right way to live in the world.